Wednesday, October 13, 2004


One of the differences between a blog and a diary - for me, not for everybody - is that I can't bring myself to post anything negative about anybody, personal or professional, on the off chance that eventually they or somebody they know will read it. I can make vague general statements (ie. "I had a meeting recently with a person who kept interrupting and talking over me to the point where it was insultingly ludicruous"), but I can't deconstruct a disagreement or vent about an individual, even if I don't use their name. Some of this is just me, since I'm a naturally cautious person. But things you post online can be surprisingly permanent for such a nebulous and insubstantial medium - I wonder how many people have done damage to their friendships or jobs by ranting about someone in their blogs, only to have that person read it & recognize themselves?

I'm going to link this blog now from my other sites, and perhaps from (though there's not really an obvious place to link it). I thought at first it'd be an interesting experiment to see how quickly or slowly I made headway into the blogosphere without using my existing connections, but I'm a bit bored of waiting, and in the meantime my posts are getting stale, so what's the point? I'd rather see a comment once in a while. Heyo.


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