Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Things overheard

I love overhearing fragments of conversations, or walking in on very odd statements completely out of context. It adds a delicate touch of the surreal to any ordinary day. So I was pretty happy to discover In Passing, a collection of overheard comments that people find worthy of sharing. It looks like the home page hasn't been updated in a while, but people are adding new things, so dig around and you'll find some good stuff (click on the categories).

I feel like I've been getting more value from my web surfing these days. It's like having tapped into another branch of this tree we call the web. BTW, I wholeheartedly agree with Wired's style decision to make "internet" and "web" lowercase; it's time to consider it just another medium like television or radio, and writing someone about what you watched on Television last night would look rather silly, wouldn't it?

On a related note, when will the internet and web no longer be considered "new" media? I know, I know, that's been pointed out over and over since ages ago. But I do need to know, since I was just put down for an order of business cards with "new media developer" as my title. I like the term "new media". It still feels fresh-faced and exciting. I could've gone with "interactive" instead, I suppose - I like to have as vague a title as possible so that my job can encapsulate any number of things. (I am a generalist, without question.)


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