Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Standing ovation for Flickr.

First of all, I just set up a Flickr account, and I loooove it. I only have a few photos up yet, but so far I think the interface is fantastic - it's incredibly easy to use and edit. I greatly appreciate that when you view your own photos, you can change the title or description with one click - so much more natural and efficient than clicking on an edit button, making the changes, saving it, going back to your photos... it's more like editing a web page within the page itself (something I quite like about WebNote). Hey, and Flickr is by a Vancouver company, too.

Secondly: have interest rates risen on basic audience applause? It seems like it's impossible to go to any large-scale performance by anyone known to the public without at least one standing ovation required. Back when I was a little girl (*creak of rocking chair*), a standing ovation was reserved only for the most sublime performance the likes of which were rarely seen. Now it's become a general show of support, an acknowledgement of a person's fame, or a chance to stretch your legs; it doesn't mean anything any more. What are we supposed to do now when we really are impressed by someone? Throw clothing?


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES! All you women out there, please, PLEASE throw clothing when you come to one of my gigs!

Oh, you were joking...


At 11:37 PM, Blogger shadowbox said...

I just loooove flickr!


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