Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election results

At the time of writing, John Kerry has recently conceded the election to George Bush.

I said that if Bush won I'd lose my faith in humanity, which is largely true. I expected that if Bush won again, I would rant about how I can't understand what's wrong with half of America, how can people be so blind, etc etc. But I've done that before and it isn't really the point any more.

Instead, I've shifted into a sort of resigned tolerance. If this is what America truly wants for themselves, then maybe it's what they should have. If their ideal world is a conservative, religious, semi-fascist regime run by a fear-mongerer who puts corporate interests above the needs of his people, then maybe they made the right choice. I really wanted to believe that there were enough sensible, rational people to carry things through. But it looks like we have hit that critical bump where the ignorant outnumber the rational. And ignorance has a way of begetting ignorance, so it's all downhill from here. I just wish that they weren't going to take the rest of the world down with them as they slide - our environment, our security, our economies will all be affected.

Watching this change in the United States has been rather like watching an acquaintance suffering from a long, slow, dehabilitating illness - and last night they finally passed away. It's upsetting, but at the same time I knew it was coming; it looked for a little while like there was some hope, but in the end it was inevitable that they slip away, out of reach.


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all of us wanted Bush back in office. But, thanks to the steaming pile of crap that is the Electoral College, a vote for Kerry in California counts for a lot less than a vote for Bush in Wyoming (36 million people in CA get 55 electoral votes, while 502,000 people in WY get 3; to be proportionally equal, CA should get 74).

They talk about not wanting the big states to have all the power; well, that's what we deserve for being a big state. California alone is what, the 6th largest economy in the world? Why should we suffer for all those small states that do nothing for us?

Personally, I think Agnosticism should be a job requirement when it comes to the Presidency; it's probably the closest we can come to ensuring we end up with someone who will actually use his brain when making decisions.

JC (politics pisses me off, no matter what side I'm talking about)


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