Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Preparing for the Exodus

Since this morning I've talked to three friends in the States who are wistfully pondering the idea of leaving the country. They're certainly not the only ones to think of it - Harper's offers a repatriation guide for the dissatisfied American, and there's a discussion on Plastic about people who threaten to leave if their guy loses.

It would be a wise move right now for Canada to loosen its immigration requirements for academics, scientists, doctors and innovators. The climate in the States for the next four years is not exactly going to favour innovation and scientific development, nor free speech and exploration. Here in Canada we're facing a shortage of physicians, and as always need to foster and encourage academic growth and technological innovation. Liberal and educated people in the United States, frustrated at the state of the country, are considering emigrating. It's a perfect match, and a good opportunity for Canada to bolster its capabilities in science and technology while the USA lets itself go.

In the meantime, any of our friends are welcome to sleep on our couch if they feel like hopping over the border to check things out. And you can learn more about Canadian immigration at It's a tedious and sometimes difficult process, but it's worth it.


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should probably put more effort into finding employment in Canada, but my pessimistic side fears that it will be just as difficult for me as it is to find better work here.

Thanks for giving me a place to crash for a couple of nights last summer. ;)



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