Friday, November 05, 2004

Branding and indifference

Here's an article from Wired about how brands are becoming passe, and consumers are now so savvy that they have abandoned brand loyalty since they can do research online and find out which products are best. I do think this is partly true, though a little optimistic. We're so innundated with branding that eventually we just tune it out. Perhaps this is why I've gotten a lukewarm response to my TELUSphere petition - what's another big logo on the skyline matter when most of the available space is filled with ads anyway? (Or perhaps it's because @#$%^&* has been down for the entire past day.) Many people are irate about the change, but a lot are just indifferent, and don't see how the TELUSfear is any different from GM Place or the CN Tower or the Scotiabank Dance Centre. Is it worth arguing over? I waver back and forth about it. It seems so insignificant compared to the politics going on just south of here, but at the same time at least it's something local and I should, in theory, have some say in the matter.

In other, unrelated news, my band has spontaneously renamed itself after my dog.


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