Monday, November 08, 2004

So much for corporate activism.

There's a little conversation going on at blinkit here and here about the TELUSphere petition I started, which has pretty much died in its infancy. (You can see my response in the comments under the first link.) This is fairly typical of the response I've seen online - basically, if Telus wants to support a building, Science World should be happy and we shouldn't complain because we get improved services.

I'm kind of past discussing it any more - you can read my thoughts on it if you want, and if nobody else thinks it's worth kicking and screaming about then I'm not going to belabour the issue - but I'm honestly very, very surprised that this is the response in Vancouver. This is the city where Adbusters was born. This is the home of the makers of The Corporation. This is a city of activists, where there is a protest for the slightest infraction by any company or government.

Of course, it's also the city where there are two Starbucks on opposing corners, and people also write furious letters to the local papers complaining about bubble machines, so perhaps I should not be so hasty to assume.

Random Vancouver comment. Within one block of each other are two restaurants, Monsoon and Typhoon. Does this tell you anything about the quantity of water we receive every year? Luckily it's near the top of a hill, so the area is unlikely to flood.


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