Friday, November 12, 2004

This blog wants to MOVE.

Of course, as it turns out, there is no easy way to import Blogger posts into b2evolution. Ain't I lucky? There seem to be some tweaks you can try at the database level... but now since I'm not installing it myself I probably won't have that access after all. Tee hee; what fun. I've only got 30-some posts, so far (although here I go, adding to the list). Hopefully I can just set the timestamps so it looks like I posted them when I originally posted 'em. And I'll just add any precious comments into the body of the post.

It does seem a bit silly that I can't just export & import. Wouldn't XML/RSS be awfully handy for this kind of thing? Shouldn't I be able to just export a nice XML listing of all my posts from Blogger and then feed those into b2evolution and let 'er rip? Is this too much to ask for?

Other than that, I can barely wait. I'm quite geeked out about this whole thing. Categories!!!

Plans for the weekend: the New Music West festival has some daytime events over the next few days, but it'll put me in the wrong part of town for the East Side Culture Crawl. I'm volunteering with NMW - worked at the door last night at a show that featured the MacGregors, Stephen Hedley, and Myke Madison. (The MacGregors turned out to be a set of fourteen-year-olds playing cheery poppy songs; the harmonizing lead singer sisters also play some fiddle tunes. It's like Hanson except they actually are girls.) Liked Stephen Hedley's material a lot; good voice, nice harmonies, solid music. It was actually the second time in a week I'd seen him perform alongside a few other bands, and he was the standout both times. Myke Madison didn't impress me overmuch - loud, fidgety drumming overwhelmed what otherwise seemed to be a potentially musical and versatile group (more violins, at least).

NMW really is a neat way to see bands - if you don't like what you're listening to, take your wristband and wander up the street to see something else. I'm not sure if the conference section in the afternoon will be all that valuable to me - it's mostly about how to promote your music to A&R, publicize, manage, and so on. It's more schmooze-related, less about the actual music creation, which is what I would prefer to get into - I haven't written a song I'd want publicized, and don't expect to ever spend any time aggressively pursuing A&R types, so I don't expect I'd want to hang around with them any more than necessary.

Next weekend: The East Side Culture Crawl is always good (well, a large proportion of it, anyway). I'm beginning to get attached to Arleigh Wood's prints... mostly features crows, circles, leaves, and other natural elements worked into designs. She was at the Drift on Main a while ago - conveniently she has two studios and can take advantage of both events. Nice work.

But tonight: all-you-can-eat sushi followed by karaoke. Have yourselves a lovely little weekend. Maybe somewhere in all this other stuff I'll get a chance to start shifting things over to b2evolution. I'll post when that's happened, and you can update your bookmarks to No idea if anyone's subscribed to my newsfeed, but I'll holler when that's changed too.


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